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Welcome to Our Village


Viva Village expands and enhances the ways we can age well. We believe that a better experience of aging is possible when we can grow with and rely on each other. 

Our programs and services make it possible to connect with one another and live fulfilled lives while remaining in the homes and neighborhoods that we love! We respect and welcome people of all ages, races, faiths, ethnicities, nationalities, genders, sexual orientations, and socio-economic levels.

Viva Village is a member of the Portland area Villages NW Hub and Spoke Nonprofit Network. Villages NW provides administrative, development, human resource, and financial services to local Villages, as well as nonprofit status. Member Villages collaborate to address issues of common concerns. For more information about Villages NW, see

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Our Mission

To build and sustain a strong community that connects, engages, and supports older adults.

Our Vision

A Beaverton-area community where older adults remain safely and confidently in their own homes as they age.

Our Values

Inclusion, volunteerism, communication, privacy, collaboration, transparency, lasting community. Click here for descriptions of our values.

Our Governance

Elected by the membership of Viva Village, the Governing Council is the decision-making and coordinating body for Viva Village.

Significant decisions made by the Governing Council are shared with the Viva Village community for commentary and feedback. The Governing Council then pulls together the skills and expertise of volunteers who make up the various Action Teams to accomplish the work of building and sustaining the Village.
 A Governing Council representative serves on each Action Team, providing ongoing direction, two-way communication, and support.  

Governing Council Notes

Viva Village
Office Hours:
10 am to 4 pm:  Monday through Thursday
10 am to 1 pm:  Friday

4905 SW Griffith Drive Suite #104
Beaverton OR  97005

Viva Village is a member of the Villages NW
nonprofit Hub & Spoke Network

Villages NW:
Neighbors Helping Neighbors
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