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“Viva Village Voice”  Newsletters

June 2019

Editorial: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Village; Village Forum; What's Happening; Volunteer Portrait: Welcome to New Members and Volunteers; Volunteer Hours; It Takes a Village—the Miter Saw

April 2019

Editorial: The Usual?; What's Happening; Volunteer Portrait: Welcome to New Members and Volunteers; Volunteer Hours; So Many Ways to Volunteer; It Takes a Village—Best Exotic Volunteer Stint Yet

February 2019
Editorial: Viva Village University?; What's Happening; Volunteer Portrait: Welcome to New Members and Volunteers; Volunteer Hours; It Takes a Village; Book Review
December 2018
Editorial: "Revolution? Reformation? Discard! Renew! Create!" What's Happening: What's Happened; Volunteer Portrait; Volunteer Hours; It Takes a Village; In Memoriam
October 2018

Editorial: “Contrarian? Muckraking? The Voice is Not Silenced;” Volunteer Portrait; Happening Soon; October & November Events; Volunteer Hours; It Takes A Village; In Memoriam; Aging with Grace Review

August 2018
Editorial: Playing with a Handicap; Aging with Grace series; August and September events; Volunteer Portrait; Volunteer Hours; It Takes a Village
June 2018
Editorial: People Who Need People; June and July events; Save the Date; Volunteer Profile; Volunteer Hours; It Takes a Village

April, 2018
Editorial: Choosers and Makers; April and May Events; Volunteer Profile; Volunteers; It Takes a Village

February, 2018
Editorial: New Paths, New Vistas; No Place Like Home; February and March events; Volunteer Profile; Village Quiz; Volunteers; It Takes a Village
December, 2017
Editorial: Hinting License; Why I am upgrading my membership; Holiday Party; Other Coming Events; Volunteer Profile; Volunteer Hours; It Takes a Village (Leaves, Moss Plus, and The Ride that Didn’t Happen)
October, 2017
Editorial: Want to Be Happy?; October Featured Event; October Happenings; Volunteer Portrait; Volunteer Hours; Extended Office Hours; It Takes A Village—Gutter talk
August, 2017
Editorial: Cuspers; Signs of Life in Viva Village—August Events; Coming in September; Featured September Even—Atul Gawande Live Video Broadcast; Volunteer Profile; Volunteer Hours; It Takes A Village: Services Rendered
June 2017
Editorial: Village Speak: Service and Community; “June is Bustin’ Out All Over”—June Events; “July in its Jollity”—July Events; Volunteer Profile; Volunteer Hours; Acronymical Directory; Illustrated Story–It Takes a Village (a volunteer reports)
April 2017
Editorial: Totally Worth It: Happening Soon; Volunteer Profile; Volunteer Hours; Illustrated Story–It Takes a Village
February 2017

Editorial–DIY syndrome; Service Request Ideas; Growing Vendor List; Ways to learn about membership; Happening soon; Volunteer Sketch; Volunteer Hours; Illustrated story–It Takes A Village

December 2016

Viva Village Holiday Gala and Potluck Supper; Upcoming Events; Editorial–Member Words; Characteristics Shared by Most Village Founders; Viva Village Volunteer Sketch; Volunteer hours; “It Takes a Village “ – Layers of Meaning; Unfounded Rumors; Holiday Office Hours

We’ve Launched —Let’s Celebrate; Some Assembly Required; Congratulatory note; Volunteer Sketch; Upcoming Events; Volunteer Hours; More Good News; It Takes a Village (an illustrated story).

August 2016

Wanted—a few brave souls (to join the Pilot Launch); Upcoming Events, including Dine Around, Book Club, Theater Field Trip, Men’s Coffee: Let’s Get Moving; Launch Celebration; Volunteer Sketch; Bits from other Villages; Vetted Vendors list; Volunteer Hours; It Takes a Village—illustrated story; Book Club notes.

June 2016

General Meeting; Village Happenings, including Game Night, Men’s Coffee Break, and Bethany Lake Park; Village Volunteer Sketch; Village Volunteers; Editorial—What are you going to be/do when you grow up?: Village Vocabulary – a Quiz; Book Club Notes; It Takes a Village – and illustrated story.

April 2016

Editorial: Who Needs a Village?;  Share your views; Responses to Viva Village events; Featured volunteer; February volunteers; Upcoming happenings; and the Cartoon – It Takes a Village

February 2016

2015–What a Year!; Gala Gifts help Vose Elementary: Villages NW President receives Kaiser Permanente Award; December Volunteers, Viva Village Action Teams; Marshall Goldberg; Upcoming events — Village 101, Thursday Social Time, Dawson Creek Walk, Volunteer Orientation, Disaster Readiness; What to do on 2nd Saturday without Planning Group?; Cartoon – It Takes A Village

December 2015

VV Planning Group Elects Governing Council;  Holiday Gala; January Events; Behind the Scenes in a Forensic Lab; Village Bio, Larry Brown; Viva Village Volunteer Hours; Cartoon—It Takes a Village: Holiday office hours

October 2015

Best New Non-Profit of the Year; Viva Villagers Join National Village Gathering;  Happening Soon; “P Is for Poet,” Village Bio: Ruth Ann Homan; Imminent: Viva Village Governing Council

August 2015

The Virtual Brick Campaign; Third Thursdays: Happy Minutes, Happy Hours; Viva Village 101s; Seventh Annual National Village Gathering; Village Bio: Gerry Lukos; Volunteer Openings; News of Other Villages