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Community Resources

Information on helpful non-profit organizations and government agencies for seniors.
  1. Caregiver Support
  2. Food Assistance
  3. Government Resources
  4. Housing Assistance
  5. Senior Advocacy


Alzheimer’s Association

Description Provides support services for adults with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia of any type at any stage. Resources, tools and programming are provided for the adults their families, and their health care professionals. They provide screening (small series of questions) for dementia to determine good fit for appropriate programs. The Help Line provides answers to questions related to any type of dementia, as well as local events about dementia.

Compassion and Choice of Oregon

Description Provides end-of-life planning and information about advanced directives. It is a national nonprofit organization. They also provide education and advocacy to improve end-of-life and expand choice at end of life. They worked with Death with Dignity Act.

Help Me Home

Description Provides voluntary enrollment programs for adults who may become lost due to a disability. These adults may have difficulty in communicating vital info about themselves. All registered adults are in a database, so caregivers can be contacted immediately. These adults also must submit a current picture of themselves and their interests. Officers out on patrol can then more easily locate the person and know how best to connect with them.

Oregon Health Decisions

Description Provides planning kit for an advanced directive, documenting end-of-life decisions

Providence Elder Place

Description Provides all inclusive medical and social service care for elderly PACE (Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly); 97% of recipients are people on Medicaid. Management of whole medical care in home with in-home coordinators; this includes health and social programs. Services are transportation to doctor, socialization, interaction and lunch services. Each client has own social worker who manages the client’s care.


Care to Share

Description Provides coordination of 15 pantries for Oregon Food Banks. (**See below for a list of pantries within Viva Village boundaries.)The client uses closest pantry to them. They do not provide food; they coordinate as they are the hub of the network.

Oregon Food Bank Pantries Within Viva Village Boundaries

Locations Addresses and Phone Numbers
Bethel Congregational United Church of Christ 5150 SW Watson Avenue, Beaverton. 97005
St. Cecilia Catholic Church 12250 SW 5th Street, Beaverton. 97005
St. Matthew Lutheran Church 10390 SW Canyon Road in Beaverton. 97005
Beaverton Seventh-Day Adventist Church 14645 SW Davis Road, Beaverton. 97007
Murray Hills Christian Church 15050SW Weir Road, Beaverton. 97007
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church 14175 NW Cornell Road, Beaverton. 97229
Sunset Presbyterian Church 14986 NW Cornell Road, Beaverton. 97229
Unity of Beaverton 12650 SW 5th Street, Beaverton. 97005
Holy Trinity Community Church 13715 SW Walker Road, Beaverton. 97005
Westside Church of Christ 5525 SW Menlo Drive, Beaverton. 97005
St. Pius X Catholic Church 1280 NW Saltzman Road, Portland. 97229

Meals on Wheels

Description Provides hot, nutritious lunches that are delivered Monday through Friday between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. to homebound seniors age 60 and older. If there is a real need, they can deliver 7 days a week. Food is frozen for weekends.

Store to Door

Description Supports independent living for seniors and people with disabilities by providing a low-cost, volunteer-based grocery shopping and delivery service

Sunshine Pantry

Description Food pantry for anyone needing help; well thought of, nonprofit. Food in the pantry is bread, pastries and fruit. Also some meats in cooler.


Aging Disability Resource Connections (ADRC)
WA County Disability, Aging & Veteran Services (DVS)

Description Links client in to a range of services, assistance and information. Focus is seniors, vets and people with disabilities. Provides a single source for information and assistance on issues affecting older people and people with disabilities, regardless of income. Programs under the umbrella of ADRC include the following:


Senior Health Insurance Benefit Assistance (SHIBA): Volunteers who provide free, unbiased counseling to Medicare beneficiaries, so they can make the right choice about their health and prescription drugs plans. They compare Medigap (supplemental), health insurance policies, select a stand along Medicare prescription drug plan, evaluate long term and ensure seniors are receiving all possible benefits.

Adult Protective Services. This provides phone number for anyone to call to report confidentially someone over 65 who is being threatened, mistreated or abused or are in danger in mistreatment or physical abuse
Gatekeeper Program. They assist the connection and streamline access of isolated and/or vulnerable people who need help, unable to get it for themselves, by opening gates critical social service agencies

OR Department of Human Services

Description Provides prevention, protection and support services and activities regarding public health, safety to vulnerable kids and adults. They enable the individual to live independently.

Social Security Administration

Description Assistance with Social Security and Medicare enrollment/services. Provides assistance in applying for retirement, Medicare benefits, SSI/disabilities, spousal benefits, extra help with Medicare prescription drug plans and costs, replacing Medicare cards, estimating retirement benefits, assisting with benefits for children with disabilities and SHIBA

WA County Department of Health

Description Provides a resource line which will give information regarding the appropriate service for each caller

US Dept of Health and Human Services – NAMI Oregon

Description Provides an array of support and educational programs for those with mental illness and families

Washington County Cooperative Library Services – Library Mail Service

Description Provides mail delivery, free of charge to residents unable to use their local libraries.


Catalyst Partnerships NW

Description Brings together resources and volunteers to meet the home repair and remodeling needs of under-resourced people. They have 500 volunteers that they use as well as licensed and bonded contractors.

Habitat for Humanity

Description Provides qualifying families the opportunity to purchase Habitat homes by contributing 500 hours of “Sweat Equity” to build Habitat homes and a down payment. The families receive a zero-percent interest rate mortgage (0% APR) and monthly payments structured to their income.


Repairs homes for qualifying residents who own their own home

Habitat works in partnership with low-income families, volunteers, donors, and organizations to receive donated materials, volunteer labor and generous financial gifts.


Rebuilding Together Washington County

Description Provides home repairs that keep homeowners safe, warm, and dry. Many of these low cost repairs are being recognized as reducing risks to the health and safety of the residents, preventing larger costs to homeowners. There are two types of services: Repairs for low-income and Fees for Service program. For both types of programs, one journeyman is on staff working with trained volunteers. All assessments are free for both programs. Workers come out to home on their schedule, not the clients’ schedules.

Unlimited Choice – Adapt a Home

Description Removes barriers and makes affordable housing accessible for low and moderate income people with disabilities. Available are ramps, widened ramp ways, raised toilets, handrails and other modifications. Can serve in the order for which they apply- first come, first serve

Unlimited Choice – Nuts and Bolts

Description To provide a program for individuals or families who wish to pay privately to have their home made more accessible for the health and safety of a person with physical disability. Private pay program: $200 upfront fee (assessment fee) for this organization to assess the needs. They get 3 bids from contractors for a specific job and then $200 goes toward cost of project.


Community Action/211

Description Provides housing and homeless services, energy and emergency rent assistance. Resource data hub for 211. They have a large number of services.

Domestic Violence Resource Center

Description Provides free, confidential services to adult and child survivors of domestic violence in Washington County, including 24-hour crisis line response, protective order advocacy, professional counseling, confidential shelter, safety planning and resource referrals.

Elder Safe Program

Description Helps victims 65 and older after a crime is reported to police and continues to help them through the criminal justice system. They ensure the needs of victims and families are met.

Long Term Care Ombudsman

Description Independent state agency to provide advocacy and quality of care of residents of long term care facilities, adult foster care homes, nursing facilities and assisted living facilities for general public

Monika’s House Shelter

Description Provides shelter to women and children who have experienced violent partners. They do get older people as some of their clients. They allow a family pet to come. Case management services are provided to assist residents in accessing the resources they need.

NW Senior Resources

Description Assists families through the process of choosing the most appropriate housing option. They conduct an assessment to determine the most appropriate medical needs, financial requirements of the resident. They provide tours to evaluate the most appropriate placement.